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HEALTH – All the meats in the One Stop Meat Shop have to be drug free and antibiotic free. At present you see our livestock industry using hormones, growth promotents, drug enhanced feed and more. The profit margins are so tight livestock producers continue to use these because this industry is in the position where they purchase inputs at the retail level and sell their finished product at wholesale! You may have read about the effects on your health from eating products produced in this manner. We feel it is time to give this more serious consideration.

SAVE MONEY – Purchasing drug free, antibiotic free meats without anything added will cost a little more initially. Many of our customers , over the last 10 years, have done price comparisons and found sourcing their meat through One Stop Meat Shop actually saves them money. You don’t waste part of your purchase (water loss, shrinkage) it tastes superior, thus you are more satisfied sooner and eat less, thus your family will  be more apt to eat the leftovers. Stop in, Enjoy, and You will eat healthier.

GRASS FED OPTIONS – We carry a large line of grass fed products. Health benefits include elevated levels of Omega 3, CLA, Vitamin A and E, as well as beta-carotene. We are most selective in choosing genetics in these animals to give you a very tasty and tender product, not tough-as you may envision.  Grass finished meats help in the prevention of cancer, diabetes and obesity.  We presently provide grass finished buffalo, beef, and lamb with a full selection of cuts of each.

OH, and don’t forget to stop in and try our organic grass fed cheese. You’ll love it and the price is right! Check out our North American wild caught fish and seafood with larger sizing, selection, and very respectable pricing… Take a few minutes to stop in and look us over!


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