Fish & Seafood

Over 85% of the fish and seafood consumed in the U.S. is of Asian origin, some of which is raised and handled in sub-standard facilities!


Sockeye Salmon– Origin: Alaska

Excellent color and flavor, available by individual fillets.

Walleye– Origin North Minnesota and Southern Canada

Individual fillets – Best I have ever eaten!

Catfish– Origin Farm Raised

Beautiful individual fillets.

Cod Loins– Mostly North Atlantic

1lb. bulk packages, nice price, tasty, popular white fish


Fillets available by the lb. Excellent pricing


Shrimp– Origin Lower Eastern Seaboard and Gulf Region

Note: Sizing is dictated by # shrimp per lb.

  • Shell on/head off range from 25-30 up to U-10’s
  • Peeled and deveined range from 41-50 up to 16-20’s
  • Royal Reds (sweeter from deep gulf)

All shrimp available by 2lb. 5lb. bags and some available by the lb. Almost all options are I.Q.F. (Individually Quick Frozen on the boat). Largest Sizing and selection and competitively priced.

Scallops– Origin North Atlantic

Sizing= U-10 (Enormous)

Available by 5lb. bag or by the lb.

Crab Legs– Origin Alaska and Behring Straits

Sizing= 16-20 (Very respectable sizing)

Seasonal but available most of the year.

Lobster Tails– Origin North Atlantic and South America

Seasonal but available most of the year.

Fresh Oysters– Origin West Coast and North Pacific

Fresh flown in by the 1/2 gallon.


Other Seafood options may be available for short periods of time based on seasonal availability.

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