We PROUDLY present the following meats

Buffalo–¬†Windstone Buffalo, Freeman, South Dakota

100% grass fed = very healthy choice, very reasonably priced, full line of cuts available

Pork– Muth Family, Ireton Iowa

100% Non confined, free range, drug free breed of hogs = unaltered meat color- Tender & Healthy

Beef–¬†Mike Fogarty, Walthill, Nebraska

Primarily Angus, drug & antibiotic free- High Choice or Prime Grade

Grass Finished Beef– Aden Family, Williams Family, De Blauw Family

100% grass fed, drug free, carefully selected genetics, lean, tender, very healthy, high Omega 3 and much more.

Elk– Kreycik Family, Niobrara Nebraska

Primarily grass fed, free range, drug free, lean, tender, full selection of tasty cuts

Lamb– Hawkins Family, Akron, Iowa

Polypay lambs, successful lambs year round, yields consistent, full line of young, sweet cuts year round.

Grass Fed Lamb– Wise Family, Lytton Iowa

Doppler lambs, consistent year round quality

Chicken– Carl Johnson, Eagle Grove Iowa. GMO-free: Jared Ebert, Washta, Iowa

Drug free, free range, yields are very tender & juicy product, available as whole, cut-up, 1/2’s, and young roasters.

Turkey, Ducks, Geese– Aaron & Amy Muth, Ireton Iowa

Free range, drug free, very tender and flavorful, keep in mind these are available on a seasonal basis


Niman Pork Products ( no msg, or sodium nitrite)

All Meat, No Filler Products

  • Pork brats, smoked brats, and weiners
  • Beef brats and weiners
  • Pork and lamb sausage links
  • Buffalo polish sausage brats and weiners
  • Pork italian sausage links

The Neat Stuff

  • Buffalo and Elk summer sausage
  • Beef, buffalo, and elk sticks and jerky


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